I have thought of almost nothing else for the past 72 hours than the perfection of Saturday’s record release party at The Hamilton in Washington DC.  There were early signs that the evening would be difficult to leave behind; ‘farewells’ and ‘well-dones’ lasted for me until almost 3 o’clock in the morning.  (But wait, isn’t that when the song, Insomnia, begins?) But here it is, Tuesday evening, and I as I go through the motions of my week, I am mostly still there.

 This show went differently than most.  We mingled with guests before the performance, which did a lot for my sense of connection.  Knowing who had made a point of being there and seeing new, smiling faces before the house lights went down, warmed the large room and transformed the 300+ person audience into an intimate gathering of friends. 

 And still, the show felt big, bright and exhilarating.  I could have burst with appreciation for my band members.  We always have fun together but on nights like that, when the sound is great, the audience is receptive and the venue seems made for us, we get to realize a collective vision and there is nothing quite like it.  (Jeff, we love you and Gary, we missed you.)  

So as I defrost chicken, fold laundry and chase away my kids so I can finish Season 2 of Downton Abbey, I breathe a deep sigh of satisfaction.  I also chase away the blues that are creeping in with the pledge to do it all again, soon.