My Summer began with a cold and windy weekend at Dewey Beach. There was no tanning or body surfing but I cleaned up at the arcade and have the stuffed lemurs to prove it. In an effort to reclaim my glory days, I started a Mother/Daughter basketball league with my 9 year old, Savannah. (We are currently looking into the legality of naming our team the Pittsburgh Stealers). Charlie and I have been in the studio working on our first Fablers album and putting down a few Chaise Lounge tunes as well. But the highlight of this sticky, hot season is that my mother is getting married!  The matching apparel is almost complete and we are heading to CA to share the big day.  I have even dusted off my guitar so sister Sue and I can share one of our favorite Charlie Barnett songs with the happy couple.

See you all at the next show!