What's in a name?

We’ve been back in the studio for the past couple of weeks, adding a few tracks our new CD. When we started the project last year, it was going to be called Tick Tock, after a dark, moody new song we had. Later, we decided to name the album Mambo Noir, after an even darker, moodier, newer song. As of last week, we’re sure that the album will be called Gin Fizz Fandango, after the newest song we’ve performed so far. The track is a trombone feature, and Joe Jackson sounds fantastic on it. The feel? You guessed it—dark and moody. The rest of the album is full of peppy, bright, and happy tracks. But for some reason these never seem like good names for albums. Can someone tell us why this is? We’re getting all dark and moody trying to figure it out.