It is a very exciting time when a bands music finally gets onto the radio playlists and Chaise Lounge has hit the radio waves with their latest release Insomnia:

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02:50PM Lou Donaldson “Aw Shucks” from alligator bogaloo (CD, Album, Jazz, 1987) on Blue Note
02:56PM Howard Alden “Shreveport Stomp” from it” delovely (CD, Album, Jazz, 2005) on sfj 003
03:03PM Karen Johns and Company “I Speak Woman, You Speak Man” from Peach (CD, Album, Jazz, 2012) on Parmigann Music ([email protected])
03:07PM Calvin Owens “Coffee Man” from The House is Burnin (CD, Album, Jazz, 2002) on Top Cat
03:12PM Chaise Lounge “Insomina” from Insomina (CD, Album, Jazz, 2012) on Modern Songbook Records ([email protected])
03:17PM Dan Adler “The Smudge” from Back to the Brodge (CD, Album, Jazz, 2010) on Edan Music ([email protected], USA)
03:25PM Clark Terry “Backwater Blues” from Arbors Sampler 2011 (CD, Album, Jazz, 1994) on Arbors
03:35PM Bob Florence “A Train” from Jewels (CD, Album, Jazz, 1992) on Disvover Records
03:45PM Frank Walton “The Back Step” from The Back Step (CD, Album, Jazz, 2012) on Frank Walton Mysic ([email protected])
03:51PM Rita Edmond “Gentle Rain” from A Glance At Destiny (CD, Album, 2010) on DaBomb Music ([email protected], USA)
03:58PM Bob Draga, Sextet @ Orch “Down n Honky Town” from Mood Swings (CD, Album, Jazz, 1999) on ivory music
04:04PM Steve Abshire &Paul Wingo “Jitterbug Waltz” from Detour Ahead (CD, Album, Jazz, 2010) on Patuxent Records ([email protected])
04:13PM Louis Armstrong “Mahogany Hall Stomp” from On the Road (CD, Album, Jazz, 1992) on laser light
04:19PM Gordon Goodwin “That’s How we Roll” from That’s How we Roll (CD, Album, Jazz, 2011) on Telarc
04:25PM Bill Harris Quartet “Little Rootie Tootie” from Inside Out (CD, Album, Jazz, 2012) on Pensatvia Music ([email protected])
04:34PM Mike Barone Big Band “Just Messin’ Around” from Live at Donte’s (CD, Album, Jazz, 1998) on VSOP Records
04:42PM Eric Farzier “Glory Of Love” from Live at Cecil’s Jazz Club (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on Frazier Music ([email protected])
04:43PM Chase Lounge “Ode to Billy Joe” from Insomina (CD, Reggae, 2012) on Modern Songbook ([email protected])