The truth? Can we handle the truth? (by Gary)

“What type of music do you play?” Having been with Chaise Lounge since nineteen ninety-something, I hear that question a lot.  So far, all the great and near-great minds in and around the band have yet to come up with a clear answer.  

OK! Cut to a car dealership in September 2012.  My rep, Hugh, who also happens to be a roots-rock bass player and long-time Lounge fan, made a comment about our latest CD, Dot Dot Dot: “You don’t take your fans too far in any one direction.” While not finding that elusive genre I’ve sought for so long, his off-hand remark make me feel a little closer to a possible answer. But my quest continues. If you have an answer to the question “What kind of music does Chaise Lounge play,” let us know in the comments below!



"Dot Dot Dot" is "mind-blowing," says Midwest Record!

The first review for Dot Dot Dot is in, and it’s a doozie. Thanks, Chris Spector of Midwest Record!

Not only does this crew just keep getting cooler each time out, the retro times have caught up to them, as this is so in the ‘Mad Men’ pocket that it’s impossible to figure out which end of the retro-neuvo spectrum is which. A throwback to groovy jazz firing up the suburbs, everyone here is so on the money that it’s mind blowing. Charlie Barnett writes great stuff. Marilyn Older has a total knack for these vocals. The rest of the crew that first turned up for a one-off lark is right in step with the whole thing. Jaded tastes that just need to come flying out of the box with some fun will really appreciate this set, the group’s sixth outing that really moves them into the gold circle. Offbeat, sly and solidly performed, this set will reside on any hip adult’s hit parade for quite some time. Hot stuff throughout.

Ta Dah!

Our new album, Dot Dot Dot, is here! We’re having a CD release party on August 22 at The Hamilton in Washington DC…but if you just can’t wait til then, you can buy the album as a CD or digital download at our online store. (We’ll have vinyl LPs for sale at the party, along with CDs, but they are still at the pressing plant.) The disc includes all of our most requested new songs, including “The Coolest Car” and Gary’s smoking hot sax solo, “My Losing Streak.” The album packaging–including our first-ever lyric sheet–was created by local graphic designer Adriana Cordero.

Sneak preview of our new album

Dot Dot Dot is on its way! We expect the CD to be ready by June. In the meantime, we’ve posted the title track online for your listening pleasure. Click over to ReverbNation to stream the song. And stay tuned for details of our record release event!