Chaise Lounge made it to Portland without even getting wet!

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First Chaise Lounge Insomnia CD Review

by Chaise Lounge

by Chaise Lounge

CHAISE LOUNGE/Insomnia: They have lounge in their name and they have a certain retro vibe but this is nothing like what came out of the lounge revival craze in the 90s.

This is a modern pomo lounge with a retro vibe to set the framework but the picture in the frame is as modern as can be.  A sly record on musical and lyrical levels, I hate to call it thinking man’s fun because those who skim this will think this is egghead jazz. It isn’t. With enough mixmaster involved in the sound not to simply call it jazz, this is a solidly left of center modern record that falls short of art rock on one side and short of something to flog at a dance club on the other.  It’s cool no matter where you want to pin it.  It’s different and if you are up for something new that mixes Brazil, jazz, witty lyrics and more, you and this record are ready for each other.  Check it out.

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